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The Ultra-Low-Profile LED Closet Light MCL106P-109WM-PF3N offers the latest in compact design, energy savings and auto on/off function with its built-in PIR Sensor. At only 1” in depth and 5.7” in width, and with its frosted polycarbonate diffuser, the CL106P provides for 100˚ PIR reaction range, with a reaction distance of 4 meters. The dual sized keyless slot rear profile allows for mounting in both 3” and 4” j-boxes. With an auto on/off function, the CL106P Closet Light with built-in PIR Sensor is the ultimate solution for closets, garbage rooms, small storage rooms, basements, residential garages – anywhere a typical fixture can be left on when the space is vacated. The ultra-thin housing will not impede any activity in the small space.