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The new generation of MSTL42 and MSTL82 LED Strip Fixtures offer the latest technology and performance for both fixture replacement / upgrade applications or to design a new space.  Available in two wattages in 4 foot design, and one in 8 foot design, their flexibility allows for easy surface mounting to walls or ceilings, or a suspended installation with the optional v-hooks and 2 meter chain. The high efficacy of 130lm/w allows for superior energy savings and the frosted lens delivers even and glare free illumination.  End knockouts provide for continuous row mounting, and wire guards are available to protect against physical shock. An innovative and easy-to-install j-box cover comes with each fixture to ensure that the proper aesthetic is achieved.

4 foot fixtures are available in both 32W & 40W // 4000K & 5000K.  8 foot fixtures in 65W // 4000K & 5000K.  For additional energy savings, take advantage of the fixture’s 0-10V Continuous Dimming.